My Wheel of Laundry-Fortune….Life’s “fun” little challenges

Hi All,

I have a new game I’ve been playing lately that I wanted to share with y’all!  You see I have a fabulous front loader washing machine that I bought 5 years ago when I moved into my new house, feeling that it was well worth the $800 I spent on it because it was much quieter than a typical top-loader, and being that the laundry closet is right smack in the middle of my 800 sf.  house the noise level is a significant factor for me.  It is also, like most front loaders, supposed to use much less water and be quite bit gentler on your clothes since it doesn’t agitate them to death.  I have to say it seems to accomplish all of these things about as well as I expected it to.  It’s quiet. It’s gentle on my clothes.  It uses less water.

I think it was early last winter though, when I approached my little laundry closet wearing slippers and just barely (and inadvertantly) touched the inner metal face plate of the main dial instead of the plastic sides of the dial (silly me).  This resulted in a big electrostatic ZAP!

“Woo!  Big news!” you may be mumbling to yourself.  Well I never said my life was interesting, but if you’re patient enough to read on, you’ll see that this was the beginning of a fabulous new game that I can now play at least once a week, here in my very own home!  And all I need to bring is a load of dirty laundry and a bucketful of patience!

The first thing that happened is that all of the lights on the control panel (of which there are many) lit up simultaneously, the washer locked itself, there was some odd error code on the display panel and I couldn’t get any of the buttons to respond.

Well, after letting out a little “uh oh” I went about reading all of the buttons and found one that said “hold 3 seconds to lock/unlock controls”.

Nope.  I guess something got fried.

I then tried unplugging it for a few seconds…said a little prayer to the appliance gods while waiting…then held my breath and plugged it back in.

After a few beeps, I actually saw a recognizeable code on the display screen which signified that it was on the 3hr “sanitize” cycle.  I let out my breath and thought “Thanks guys!” to the appliance gods .

Well,  it turns out that my prayers had only been partially answered.  You see, I wasn’t able to get any response when I tried turning the dial to a more reasonable wash load time.  It was stuck on the sanitize cycle, wouldn’t budge, and there it stayed for many months.  I call that my “sparkly clean” era.

Yes, I did call Maytag to look into having it repaired at the time.  What they told me is that the most likely part that needed to be replaced (the electronic control panel) costs (somewhere around) $250 just for the part, and then there would be a service charge on top of that, of course.   They also told me that I could purchase a service-plan (not sure if that’s the right term) where I could pay (something around) $300 for a year’s coverage and it would cover this repair and any other repairs during that same one year of coverage.  I wasn’t really thrilled with either option so, after reading the Maytag epic Z reviews and finding out that many people had had many problems with this machine…beyond the one I was dealing with…I decided to just be satisfied with the 3hr cycles until something else goes wrong with it and then purchase the service plan at that time, so as to kill two dysfunctions with one service-plan-fee.  If that makes me cheap, then fine.  I’m cheap.  I was still able to do the mere two loads per week I needed and really didn’t want to spend $300 just to shorten those two loads.

Now, it seems that the appliance gods have decided to reward me for my patience and long-suffering by providing me with a fabulous new little game.  I haven’t decided what to call this game.  Maybe “Punching for Cleanliness”…or “Wheel of Laundry Fortune”…I’m open to suggestions.

Now when I want to do a load of laundry, I get to experience that oh so special feeling of the “unknown”…the serendipity….the sheer wonder of “What type of load might I get today?…Will I get a quick-wash-cycle and be wearing last weeks stain next week?….or maybe get another 3 hr. sanitize-cycle which I can plan my weekend around?….or will I hit the jackpot and get a perfectly normal cycle that’s long enough to get my clothes clean and no longer?”

Any time I want, I can  initiate this fabulous game by unplugging and replugging the machine.  Then, after the initial 30 seconds of beeping (I think of it as the startup-theme song to my game….I have a request in to the gods for a zippier, less monotone tune, but haven’t had any luck thus far)….I get to start frantically and repeatedly pushing the power button while, with each push, watching the lights circle around the load selector knob and immediately shutting back off until the next push of the button which advances the light to the next place on the dial in clockwise succession.  If don’t give up and keep pushing, at some point the light will actually stay on (or not shut off) on one of the many load settings that circle the dial, and Surprise!   That’s the one I get for the day!  Those appliance gods….Do they know how to have fun or what?  It’s too bad they don’t seem to speak English though….So far they’ve only communicated in a very cryptic “answered/un- answered prayers” kind of way.  I’d really like to ask them why all washing machines seem to be made with $250 electronic parts that can be taken out with a mere electrostatic discharge.  Oh well, I think I already know the answer to that one, and I don’t think they’d want to actually answer it out loud, even if they could.

So for now anyway, I’ll be spinning away until the gods get bored and decide to change up the game again.  Who knew that a mere $800 washing machine purchase could provide so much fun and excitement?

All for now,



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