Welcome Babies Eamon and Leon!

Yes, It’s been almost a year since my last post, and we now have two whole new babies in the family!  As of April 1, 2011, Lauren & Gabe have a bouncing baby boy, Eamon, and Cee & Russ gave birth to their little guy, Leon on May 13, 2011.  

After the little outfit (below) that I knitted for Bennett last year, I knew I was going to have to find something less time  consuming to knit now that we’ve got our next generation reaching their “child-bearing years”.  It’s so much more fun knitting actual clothing, but if I’m being realistic, I know I can’t do that every time someone has a baby. 

So far what I came up with is this Organic Cotton Booties pattern from Bernat.  I had no idea where to go here in town to get organic cotton yarn, so I found some basic cotton yarn in my stash for the first set, then experimented with lighter weight wool and more stitches on the same sized needles and then felted the second pair.  Both came out pretty well.  Unfortunately, I was so late in getting them in the mail that I didn’t take the time to get a photo.  Here is a photo I found online of the same pattern (un-felted, cotton version)

Bernat Organic Cotton Booties


Mine looked exactly like these only in a different color.  They were very easy to knit.  I’d almost go as far as to say they were possibly too easy to knit to be ideal gift material.  Although they do seem like they would be very practical, and maybe a set of three different colors might bring them up a little closer to gift status.    The next time someone gives birth, I might do some more experimenting with the felted version again and add some interesting embroidery.  I think that might help fluff  ’em up to gift status as well.


Today’s Words of Wisdom:

Innocence does not mean ignorant, “nice”, or naive… It’s a pure and supple expression of strength and power as potential, not power over.  It really means “in oneness” which is the unity consciousness.  It’s an expression of being one with the source itself.  It’s an awareness of that, it’s an acceptance of that, and it’s an expression of that, all at once.

– Jaison Starke





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