My Wheel of Laundry-Fortune….Life’s “fun” little challenges

Hi All,

I have a new game I’ve been playing lately that I wanted to share with y’all!  You see I have a fabulous front loader washing machine that I bought 5 years ago when I moved into my new house, feeling that it was well worth the $800 I spent on it because it was much quieter than a typical top-loader, and being that the laundry closet is right smack in the middle of my 800 sf.  house the noise level is a significant factor for me.  It is also, like most front loaders, supposed to use much less water and be quite bit gentler on your clothes since it doesn’t agitate them to death.  I have to say it seems to accomplish all of these things about as well as I expected it to.  It’s quiet. It’s gentle on my clothes.  It uses less water.

I think it was early last winter though, when I approached my little laundry closet wearing slippers and just barely (and inadvertantly) touched the inner metal face plate of the main dial instead of the plastic sides of the dial (silly me).  This resulted in a big electrostatic ZAP!

“Woo!  Big news!” you may be mumbling to yourself.  Well I never said my life was interesting, but if you’re patient enough to read on, you’ll see that this was the beginning of a fabulous new game that I can now play at least once a week, here in my very own home!  And all I need to bring is a load of dirty laundry and a bucketful of patience!

The first thing that happened is that all of the lights on the control panel (of which there are many) lit up simultaneously, the washer locked itself, there was some odd error code on the display panel and I couldn’t get any of the buttons to respond.

Well, after letting out a little “uh oh” I went about reading all of the buttons and found one that said “hold 3 seconds to lock/unlock controls”.

Nope.  I guess something got fried.

I then tried unplugging it for a few seconds…said a little prayer to the appliance gods while waiting…then held my breath and plugged it back in.

After a few beeps, I actually saw a recognizeable code on the display screen which signified that it was on the 3hr “sanitize” cycle.  I let out my breath and thought “Thanks guys!” to the appliance gods .

Well,  it turns out that my prayers had only been partially answered.  You see, I wasn’t able to get any response when I tried turning the dial to a more reasonable wash load time.  It was stuck on the sanitize cycle, wouldn’t budge, and there it stayed for many months.  I call that my “sparkly clean” era.

Yes, I did call Maytag to look into having it repaired at the time.  What they told me is that the most likely part that needed to be replaced (the electronic control panel) costs (somewhere around) $250 just for the part, and then there would be a service charge on top of that, of course.   They also told me that I could purchase a service-plan (not sure if that’s the right term) where I could pay (something around) $300 for a year’s coverage and it would cover this repair and any other repairs during that same one year of coverage.  I wasn’t really thrilled with either option so, after reading the Maytag epic Z reviews and finding out that many people had had many problems with this machine…beyond the one I was dealing with…I decided to just be satisfied with the 3hr cycles until something else goes wrong with it and then purchase the service plan at that time, so as to kill two dysfunctions with one service-plan-fee.  If that makes me cheap, then fine.  I’m cheap.  I was still able to do the mere two loads per week I needed and really didn’t want to spend $300 just to shorten those two loads.

Now, it seems that the appliance gods have decided to reward me for my patience and long-suffering by providing me with a fabulous new little game.  I haven’t decided what to call this game.  Maybe “Punching for Cleanliness”…or “Wheel of Laundry Fortune”…I’m open to suggestions.

Now when I want to do a load of laundry, I get to experience that oh so special feeling of the “unknown”…the serendipity….the sheer wonder of “What type of load might I get today?…Will I get a quick-wash-cycle and be wearing last weeks stain next week?….or maybe get another 3 hr. sanitize-cycle which I can plan my weekend around?….or will I hit the jackpot and get a perfectly normal cycle that’s long enough to get my clothes clean and no longer?”

Any time I want, I can  initiate this fabulous game by unplugging and replugging the machine.  Then, after the initial 30 seconds of beeping (I think of it as the startup-theme song to my game….I have a request in to the gods for a zippier, less monotone tune, but haven’t had any luck thus far)….I get to start frantically and repeatedly pushing the power button while, with each push, watching the lights circle around the load selector knob and immediately shutting back off until the next push of the button which advances the light to the next place on the dial in clockwise succession.  If don’t give up and keep pushing, at some point the light will actually stay on (or not shut off) on one of the many load settings that circle the dial, and Surprise!   That’s the one I get for the day!  Those appliance gods….Do they know how to have fun or what?  It’s too bad they don’t seem to speak English though….So far they’ve only communicated in a very cryptic “answered/un- answered prayers” kind of way.  I’d really like to ask them why all washing machines seem to be made with $250 electronic parts that can be taken out with a mere electrostatic discharge.  Oh well, I think I already know the answer to that one, and I don’t think they’d want to actually answer it out loud, even if they could.

So for now anyway, I’ll be spinning away until the gods get bored and decide to change up the game again.  Who knew that a mere $800 washing machine purchase could provide so much fun and excitement?

All for now,


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C’est moi! Macoeur!

O.k it’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything, I know.  I always have many many things I’d like to post, but I never seem to have any time to do so.  I really am going to try and make it a priority to post something at least once a month.  I can’t guarantee anything though….Today, I have to admit I probably wouldn’t even be here posting this short update if it weren’t for the fact that I have a bulging disc that’s keeping me from doing anything else.

Please notice, friends, the new spelling of “my name”.  I’ve decided to ad an extra couple of letters.  Don’t ask me how I stumbled upon the fact (because I can’t remember), but I realized recently that the words”ma coeur” in French,  translate to “my heart” in English.  This would actually be “incorrect” in French, as “ma” is usually only used before people and things that are feminine, and the French seem to have decided that the word “heart” is masculine.  But Iwon’t let French grammar stop me.  I have decided that “Ma”coeur couldn’t be more perfect for my purposes.  I am referring to myself after all, and I (and my heart) happen to be quite female.  So there you have it!  

More soon! 🙂

Today’s Words of Wisdom:

“My way of joking is to tell the truth.  It is the funniest joke in the world.”  

– George Bernard Shaw, John Bull’s Other Island (1907)

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Bad Boys vs. Nice Guys

 O.k!……..(Deep breath….This is a long one) 

This issue has been on my mind for years. I’ve finally decided to put some effort into finding a way to articulate why it is that I’m so “fine” not being in a romantic relationship. As you can imagine, the subject does come up from time to time and I always struggle to find the right words to explain, feeling that I’m going to insult someone or, what seems more common, that I’ll lead people to feel that I have something personal against men in general, which is so not the case.

First, I’ll start with the issue of Bad Boys vs. Nice Guys. Many people seem to put a lot of attention on just what it is girls want. Many believe that girls don’t know what they want. Personally, I think it’s more accurate to say that girls find it hard to articulate what they want. It seems as if, in our society, we over-simplify the issue and act as if each individual man must be either a “bad boy” or a “nice guy”.  Is it possible that girls are fooled into believing that they must choose between these two opposites?  Are men, then forced to try and “fit” into one of these two categories?

The common (so-called) wisdom out there is that women are more often attracted to bad boys, and while they do like nice guys, are not attracted to them as romantic partners. This is what it seems all of the “dating gurus” (is that the right term for them?) preach, and I think I can see why they believe that.  It sort of makes me cringe though when I hear these “gurus” speaking about women as if they actually understand them, based on what “appears” to be this sort of schizophrenic desire for and simultaneous intolerance of “bad boys”.  So for any guy who might stumble upon this blog, here is another way to look at it….This one coming from a girl who feels she knows herself and many other women pretty well.

If there’s anything to the above “bad boy” theory, I feel strongly that it has to do with women really just not wanting a “pushover”….someone who wants something from women(usually sex, but not necessarily) more than he wants to respect himself.  This is only attractive to devas, and even they aren’t really attracted to it, they’ve just learned how to make use of it (ouch!  It’s as hard to say as it is to hear, I think)  So when a girl encounters a “bad boy” she tends to want to believe that he has the “back-bone” that is absent in many “nice guys”.  Even if she doesn’t know him well, or has doubts about him, she knows that at least there is a chance that he could be what she’s looking for, whereas there’s no way on God’s green earth that a pushover is “the one”.

 I believe what girls really want is a fun, adventurous time with a grown man who deeply loves and is not afraid of women. A man who totally respects himself….One who has a “healthy” sex drive…meaning he accepts and respects his own biology for what it is and does not apologize for it, but also has complete control over how he behaves with and treats women and is not ruled by his biological urges…A man who understands that “pretending” to be anything at all, other than who he is, in order to attract a woman is usually not effective (woman can sense these things as it ends up reading as “manipulative”) and is both disrespectful to himself and the woman, and is ultimately pointless as it can only lead to disappointment by the woman and decreasing self respect in himself (which women can also sense)….A man who has other interests in addition to his interest in sex….A man who is really secure/balanced/solid in himself, who is neither taken off balance by unrealistic pressures from a woman, nor pulled off balance by the petty pressures from his guy friends. A guy who can respond to either with equanimity because he knows and truly likes who he is. Whew! Am I getting carried away? This guy sounds awesome! And if he possessed all of the qualities above, I’ll bet that he would have as many women to choose from as he wanted. Why is it so rare that we ever find this guy?

 Is it because men have given up their innate sense of what it is to be a man? The world sure doesn’t make it easy for them to hold on to…. Are men, just like everyone these days, so confused and disturbed by all of the conflicting information, scare tactics, subtle messages that they can hardly catch their breath for long enough to listen to (let alone develop in the first place) their own inner wisdom?

If you are a guy who has stumbled upon this page because of the title, here is my advice, as a woman:  First, know who you are.  What is most important to you?  If it’s getting as much sex as you can, I’m just sayin’, that’s not very attractive to women. It doesn’t read as “manly”.  If you’re not sure yet, devote as much time to finding out as you do to dreaming about getting a partner.  Respect yourself.  If you find that it’s difficult to do so, devote some time to finding out why that is, and do whatever is needed to change it.  Contrary to some people’s belief, being dishonest, or manipulative, or even being willing to be, is enough to unconsciously sap your self respect.  Know that women are people, not goddesses. Well, that’s not entirely accurate… but you will never access their goddess nature without first learning to “hang” with, respect and love their humanness.  Want sex?  Be honest about it.  “She” doesn’t?  Accept it immediately (and respectfully) and move on to someone who does.  Do you have any interests beyond sex and sports?  If not, just be aware that you may be less interesting to a woman as a result.   Don’t try and “fake” any of this.  It won’t work. Change/add what you honestly can in yourself and would be willing to anyway, regardless of what effect it might have on your “desirability factor”.  Do all of this and you’ll be a better man, and probably won’t actually “need” a women in the same way you once did (which is very attractive to women, by the way 🙂  )

Now, as for why I’m so “fine” not being in a romantic relationship. Rather than make this post any longer than it already is, I’m going to link to this Eckhart Tolle article I found that seems to say it all. This doesn’t mean I’m determined to live alone for the rest of my life. I just no longer have any desire for a “conventional” relationship. The article (well I guess technically it’s a conversation between Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng, his partner) is amazing and I highly recommend it!

Today’s Words of Wisdom:

Vision without action is a daydream.  Action without vision is a nightmare.    – Japanese Proverb

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Troy Davis Execution – How Is This Possible?

I think that’s the most important question at the moment.  “How is this possible?”  No physical evidence, the murder weapon was never found, and what was it?….seven of the witnesses who pointed the finger at this guy now admit that they lied and say that they were pressured by police?  

It’ll be very interesting to hear how this decision was justified.  I’m kind of surprised it hasn’t been part of today’s  news. 


Today’s words of wisdom: 

“This is no way to honor the equinox…the time of justice and coming into balance” – Caroline Casey from her 9/22/11 Visionary Activist Show

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Welcome Babies Eamon and Leon!

Yes, It’s been almost a year since my last post, and we now have two whole new babies in the family!  As of April 1, 2011, Lauren & Gabe have a bouncing baby boy, Eamon, and Cee & Russ gave birth to their little guy, Leon on May 13, 2011.  

After the little outfit (below) that I knitted for Bennett last year, I knew I was going to have to find something less time  consuming to knit now that we’ve got our next generation reaching their “child-bearing years”.  It’s so much more fun knitting actual clothing, but if I’m being realistic, I know I can’t do that every time someone has a baby. 

So far what I came up with is this Organic Cotton Booties pattern from Bernat.  I had no idea where to go here in town to get organic cotton yarn, so I found some basic cotton yarn in my stash for the first set, then experimented with lighter weight wool and more stitches on the same sized needles and then felted the second pair.  Both came out pretty well.  Unfortunately, I was so late in getting them in the mail that I didn’t take the time to get a photo.  Here is a photo I found online of the same pattern (un-felted, cotton version)

Bernat Organic Cotton Booties


Mine looked exactly like these only in a different color.  They were very easy to knit.  I’d almost go as far as to say they were possibly too easy to knit to be ideal gift material.  Although they do seem like they would be very practical, and maybe a set of three different colors might bring them up a little closer to gift status.    The next time someone gives birth, I might do some more experimenting with the felted version again and add some interesting embroidery.  I think that might help fluff  ’em up to gift status as well.


Today’s Words of Wisdom:

Innocence does not mean ignorant, “nice”, or naive… It’s a pure and supple expression of strength and power as potential, not power over.  It really means “in oneness” which is the unity consciousness.  It’s an expression of being one with the source itself.  It’s an awareness of that, it’s an acceptance of that, and it’s an expression of that, all at once.

– Jaison Starke




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Welcome Baby Bennett!

I have a new nephew as of September 12th.  Baby Bennett!  This is the little outfit I knitted for him last spring. 

For "Big Baby Bennett"

At the time, I didn’t know whether he was a boy or a girl and I had this purple yarn left over from another project so I decided to just go ahead and use it and actually bought some flowery trim because I was betting on a girl.  When I found out he was a boy I decided I needed to “boyify” the outfit so ended up adding some brown microsuede instead of the flowery trim.   The pattern is Knitting Pure & Simple – Baby Sleeping Bag – #103.   I decided to use a rolled collar and sleeves instead of the ribbing.  The yarn is Encore 75% Acrylic/25% Superwash Wool.

Today’s Words of Wisdom:

“Some folks hide, and some folks seek, and seeking, when it’s mindless, neurotic, desperate, or pusillanimous can be a form of hiding.” – Tom Robbins

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I’d like to show you my fabulous garden…

…how beautiful and perfect it has become since I planted it a mere 3 months ago…. but the truth is, it is an out of control mess.  It’s been too hot to be outside for long and everything has grown huge and tangled…The tomatoes have been blown over at least four times now (they have survived just fine, but they’re looking a bit beat up)…there are weeds and wild strawberries everywhere and my zinnias and marigolds need some serious work.  

The good news is that those tomato plants are still producing some awesome tomatoes….The eggplants which have been squashed again and again by the tomato plants are still producing beautiful eggplants, my beans seem to have gotten a second wind, somehow, and most of all!!!!!!!! the weather has cooled down today and is expected to stay cool all week!  (Woohoo!)

I guess I should be out there instead of here blogging, eh?

Today’s Words of Wisdom:

“Breath properly, stay curious, and eat your beets” – Tom Robbins



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